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Shawl and coat,    Zara   ; Sweater,    Sita Murt   ; Pants,    Five Jeans   ; Boots,    Prada   .

Shawl and coat, Zara; Sweater, Sita Murt; Pants, Five Jeans; Boots, Prada.


Did anyone else feel like January was a million days long? We made it through what felt like the crossing of the Gobi desert. We deserve to rest our eyes and ears on something delightful, or at the very least entertaining. A short list for a short month:



Justin Timberlake's Fashion Disasters

It would appear the French watched the Superbowl this year, that championship celebrating the other football. I will be the first to confess that us French do not watch for the game. We don't understand most of the rules, and the stop-and-go pace has us turn our attention over to the bowl of chips in front of us instead.

Although Justin Timberlake delivered a less than memorable performance, he triggered much press in France. None for his talent, all intensely focused on his fashion sense.

Does it matter what you will be remembered for, JT, so long as you will be remembered?

And in France, the boyish ex-boyz-band boy will be remembered as a Peter Pan-inspired fashion disaster. So much so that we might consider creating a National 'Help JT find a new stylist' Fund. Rid him of his hat collection / hazardous clothes associations / velvet tracksuits / and pants too long for his own good.

Please consider donating...


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Hygge And Lykke Go To France

Not unlike our European and cross-Atlantic neighbors, France has been all in a flutter over hygge. Hygge is a concept, a lifestyle. The art of cozy living and comfortable conviviality associated with feelings of wellness and contentment snowballed its way into our lands from the great North.

The Danes sure marketed skillfully, and we ate it all up. There were books and articles and endless winter window displays living and breathing hygge. Everything has been an excuse to push the fluffy wool socks, the cozy blankets, the books of of warming dish recipes best cooked at candlelight. And fur. Hygge comes with a lot of fur. Feeling cozy and content yet?

It worked so perfectly that the Danes have launched a second wave of welcome invasion, with Lykke this time. The Little Book of Lykke offers a look into happy people around the world and the root of their happiness.

Who doesn't want to know why these people are so damn happy?! I know I do, and if there is indeed a secret, I am kindly requesting someone please share it with me.

The French are once again eating in the hands of the Danes, with an even better reason this time. The World Happiness Report (there is such thing) ranks countries by level of happiness based on economic (e.g. GDP per capita), social (e.g. generosity), and philosophical criteria (e.g. freedom to make life choices).

Despite the decadent food, the breathtaking architecture and landscapes, and the gorgeous fashion the world envies us...

France is ranked 32nd on that list of 155. Right after Colombia, and barely before Saudi Arabia. The United States, for those interested, are ranked 13th.

And while we peons struggle to find our happiness, Denmark reigns, cozy, comfortable and content. All hail the Danish King and their hygge magic!

PS: The Scots are coming with their very own version of Hygge, the Còsagach. Be ready to have to learn to pronounce that one as well.

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Something Lovely To Take The Edge Off

When my cousin Clothilde texted me with new music a few days ago, I knew something special was coming my way.

"Here! A new French musician on her way up. Very 80's, almost a bit Desireless, Catherine Ringer inspired. So cool."

Confession: she had me at "very 80's". I listened and I loved. Flora is a true artist with an unusual voice, much like Catherine Ringer was and is.

Take a listen, head bopping permitted.