Frenchologie is...

A how-to guide of how to do life on earth like a French woman. We explore the French woman’s pursuit of happiness and her art of living through Fashion, Food and Flirt, and report on the latest trends from France.

I, Cécile Charlot, am the Founder, Writer, Editor, and Frenchin’ Machine in Chief of Frenchologie. Born and raised in France - now Franco-American - I have been in the United Stated for 20 years. My expatriation is what gave me the perspective to better understand what makes the French culture special and what gives the French woman their infamous je ne sais quoi.

I started to truly understand what it meant to be French when I left the country. Now I’m paying tribute to it and sharing the love. Because we could all stand to be a little bit more French on the daily.

Attention. Uber Frenchness about to be unleashed, PC and PG content not guaranteed.

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