Le Winter's Here, By Cécile

Cecile Charlot

A lesson in winter styling by one of our very own: Cécile Charlot.

Cecile winter outfit

Why is this your favorite winter outfit?

Cécile: "I'm a big fan of black and white especially in the winter, so I will play endlessly with these two colors in my outfits. I also love the contrast of masculine/feminine. For me, the perfect outfit is silk or lace under an off-the-shoulder knit under a tailored, masculine coat. Add a fedora and patent leather shoes, and I'm in heaven!"

How would you describe your winter style?

"Layered, elegant, and a little funky."

What are your 3 other winter go to's?

"A long wide wool coat to wrap myself in, stretchy jeans, and the biggest, chunkiest, softest scarf ever (bordering on a blanket sometimes) to wrap myself in. OK, adding a 4th go to: I love funky socks. In this photo for example, I'm wearing sparkly black socks. You can't see them, but my feet are happy. I love love love details."

If you were to travel to France right now, what would you take with you?

"These patent leather flat boots so my feet can be shiny and gorgeous as they walk up and down the streets for miles and miles. A soft black & white striped turtleneck top to wear under any sweater (because it is freezing and rainy in France right now), and stretchy black jeans. It seems simple and it is. When I travel to France, I look for simple yet elegant pieces that I can mix and match. I will travel with a reasonably sized suitcase and look like I brought a lot more clothes than I did."

[Ed.] Simple yet elegant... Isn't that the classic French style rule anyway?

Fashions fade, style is eternal.
— Yves Saint Laurent