Trending In November

Photo: Sean Young

Photo: Sean Young


Everything to wear and adopt from France this month!



Velvet Dreams

I made several attempts at velvet clothing in my lifetime, all unsuccessful. The material is mighty difficult to upkeep, unless, apparently, you are a cat-loving, incense-burning hippie. My pants/tops inevitably ended up scuffed, scratched, damaged from rubbing. Yes, rubbing. Some (most?) of us don't have thigh gaps.

Yet it's here, back again, in our Instagram feeds, our favorite brands collections, all up in our eyeballs. The same eyeballs which can't stop lusting over the shininess. Dare we buy... velvet shoes? 

Top to bottom, left to right: Oversized Heaston velvet trousers by Vanessa Bruno, photo by Emma Anderson; Victor jacket by Pablo; Jeanne Damas in the Sully velvet jumpsuit by Rouje; Eve dress by Rouje.


Nailed It

Oh goodie! Always dreamed of channeling your inner 80's Brit Punk? Here's your chance. A roaster of killer shoes boasting studs, nails, and other pointy metals that will look on point with your nose piercing(s).

Top to bottom, left to right: Ocho boots, Dhavlen boots, and heels by Jonak; Frantz derbies by Maje; loafers by Sandro; boots by Maje.


Hold The Sheepskin, We're Not Game Of Thrones Extras. Ooor Are We?

I am introducing this controversial trend carefully. I would really prefer not to have PETA parading up and down my street with buckets of red paint.

But the truth is, we love leather. We love how buttery it is to the touch, we love the smell. We also love the way sheepskin keeps us nice and toasty when temperatures drop (cuz winter's coming).

I think what's important to understand is that leather, sheepskin, and by extension leather goods, were never meant to be objects of high consumption. You'd break the bank to buy that gorgeous leather purse or sheepskin coat, and cherish it and nurture it like you gave birth to it, with every intention of keeping it your whole life.

There is however the concern of animal cruelty. Increasingly brands are sourcing leather-like alternatives or cruelty-free leathers, and that's great news for our friends the cows and sheep and foxes of the world.

Top to bottom, left to right: Digby leather jacket by IRO, photo by Tane Coffin; Gulen sheepskin coat by Maje; Lucania sheepskin jacket by Sessun; sheepskin jacket by Sandro.



Nail polish is one of the toughest beauty products to make health and environment conscious.

Manucurist, the French brand in the know of "what Parisian women want to make their hands beautiful", has pushed the boundary by making an 84% natural nail polish that also promises to be vegan and cruelty free. How vegan? Think wheat, potato, coconut oil, bamboo...

Finger nail cancer and pollution stop here, and they have some really good colors too.

Photo: Manucurist

Photo: Manucurist



Do you remember these decorative objects aka "nids à poussière" (literally dust nests) your mother or grandmother disposed of to embrace a decluttered, perfectly zen, completely modernist decor?

Yeah... so these are trending again, and you are even encouraged to make them yourself. Tada! DIY workshops and concept stores are flourishing in Paris, keeping us busy because we aren't already enough and further proving that "idle hands are the devil's workshop".

Don't you worry, the fad will die again soon enough. Only we'll keep these chunky arm-knit blankets to roll ourselves in like a taco on Friday nights.

Left to right: blanket by Merino Merino; wall art by Delphine Lamarque; crochet by Véronique Damart, vase sold by Maillo Design.



French music's bad boy Benjamin Biolay released a new album in September. With a raspy voice only lifelong smokers can achieve, the other BB sings to cumbia, hip hop and funk alike.

While this collection imho lacks consistency between the tracks, it offers a couple of gems such as the beaty ballad Hypertranquille.

Benjamin Biolay