Trending In January

Photo:    Janko Ferlic

Happy New Year mes belles!

We've pushed epicureanism to a new limit and the mouth orgies of the holidays are now behind us. As we tipped over into the new year, our attention snapped right back to what's hot, what's new, and the coolest trends of the moment.



Babies, Oh Babies

"Babies" in French, "Maryjanes" in English, these gorgeous little shoes are at the height of femininity. Totally over watching women perched on the highest of heels and unable to walk in them gracefully, we are ecstatic to have seen this trend rise in the Fall, and pray to the shoe gods that it will continue well into 2018.

We are particularly in love with the red patent pair by Sézane, in which we want to skip around the yellow brick road gleefully and click our heels three times because "there's no place like home", especially if these are in our shoe closet.  

Top to bottom, left to right: Ashley babies by Sézane; Darling babies by Sessun; Silver babies by Pablo; Colette babies by Rouje.


Shearling'ed af

We were right on point calling the new shearling, sheepskin and other fur obsession in our November article, and it has only intensified since. It seems we can't swing a cat without hitting at least two people deliciously wrapped in a curly fur jacket, real or faux.

We don't want to feed the hysteria too much, so we'll leave these right here.........

Photos: Wooly hobes by Hobes.



Blunt As A Bob

Interesting timing, isn't it, when we find ourselves in the middle of a renewed feminine revolution and just like that, the bob comes back full force as the symbol of affirmed and pragmatic femininity.

And while we're personally much more partial to the wavy, natural bobs below (yum), what is really becoming the hair trend of the year is the blunt bob, a strain with sharp edges a la Joan of Arc. Necks have never been sexier.

Left: photo by Sézane. Right: Lisa Gachet from Make My Lemonade



Be the change that you wish to see in the world.
— Mahatma Gandhi

We've all seen them, the shocking images of landfill sites the size of the Himalayas, islands of waste floating in the oceans, straws getting stuck in the nose of sea turtles, plastic bags smothering the wildlife. And us.

Béa Johnson, a French expatriate now based in California, is the founder of the Zero Waste Home movement. Her family of four has been living trash free since 2008. That's eight years. Eight years of not contributing to the landfill problem and pollution of our world.

I don't know if you realize what this means but it took us a little while. This means no pre-packaged foods, no plastic bags at all. This means shopping only in bulk, bringing your own glass and cloth containers to the grocery store.

It is herculean, but so important for each of us to do our part in conserving our beautiful planet. And Béa has certainly been doing hers. Her mantra: "Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot" (in that order).

For more information and guidelines on how to become a zero waste household, follow her on Instagram @zerowastehome. She also has a book out for us bookworms.

Photo: Zero Waste Home

Photo: Zero Waste Home