5 French Girls And Their Music

French girl and her music

Imagine a French girl sitting cross-legged on a sofa.

Immobile, tousled hair and all, she is staring at the wall, sending puffs of smoke into the atmosphere. In the background, a soft voice is singing. The voice is melancholic. She is melancholic, a feeling she has not been able to shake since she woke up. She drags on her cigarette and watches the smoke disintegrate into thin air.

Imagine this... and you wouldn't be too far from the truth. As you read this, thousands of French girls are doing exactly that.

Melodic, romantic, poetic or plain trippy, French music is the soundtrack to every episode of our lives. We've all ugly cried to William Sheller's "Un homme heureux", declared our love to Véronique Sanson's "Amoureuse", learned the lyrics to MC Solaar's "Bouge de là", and left it all on the dance floor to Téléphone's "Un autre monde".

But enough with the classics.

Five French girls reveal what's on their playlist right here, right now.



📍From Lyon, currently lives in Los Angeles

Photo: Instagram @brefunefille

Photo: Instagram @brefunefille

Béné is a dancer and by definition driven by music. "I am listening to Vianney a lot right now", she said. My interest was piqued.

"Je m'en vais" is a balad about broken destinies, separation. Melody and lyrics pour sadness and regret straight into your heart, then revive it with the hope that we can lose and find again, and that it's never too late.

Watch the video. It. is. just. so. damn. French.




📍From Tournus, currently lives in Lyon


Talk about being so damn French, my little sister sure is, with all the hilarious, complicated, joyous, melancholic meanderings of a life well lived.

I love her to the moon and back. And she loves Degiheugi, so I love Degiheugi, this French beatmaker who "made turntables roar in a rap crew" and is known for his "music patchworks".

Intriguing to say the least? You betcha! He released a brand new album Bagatelle in October. Here is a delicious taste of his delicious beats from a previous release.



📍From Nice, currently lives in Los Angeles


Without hesitation, she recommended "Mon Echo" by Julien Doré.

Oh the voice. Oh the hair. Oh the fingers delicately teasing each note on the piano! 

Julien Doré, the product of a talent show, has become a French household staple.

Because incredible talent and major sexiness to boot. We have now watched his videos dozens of times, mesmerized, and still can't remember the lyrics.

Now YOU try



📍From Paris, currently lives in Los Angeles


Our favorite Parisienne bag designer claimed herself addicted to the zenitude, courtesy of Ben L'Oncle Soul and his title "I love Paris". Coincidence? I think not.

In perfect English, the soul man from France and his infamous bow tie wrote the perfect, stirring ode to the City of Lights.

"Why do I love Paris? Because my love is here." Isn't it always?



📍From Dijon, currently lives in Los Angeles


As for yours truly, I have been loyal - the way an addict is to the substance - to Caravan Palace. Always and forever. When I discovered them in 2009 on my cousin Arthur's recommendation, I bought their CD (back then...), played it in a continuous loop in my car for at least a year, and never ever grew tired of them. 

They are: a Parisian seven-piece electronic big band and nothing short of extraordinary. It is a mouthful, I grant you, but the most on-point description of who they are and what they do. NO ONE has ever set fire to the stage and crowd like they repeatedly do in their shows.

Thank goodness they are prolific because I can barely contain myself waiting for their next album. In the meantime, here's a tasty morsel from their Robot Face album to sharpen your teeth. You're welcome.